Bar Graph Model

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About model options

  • value - Current value displayed by bar graph.
  • minValue - Min value displayed.
  • maxValue - Max value displayed.
  • width, height - Dimensions of the bar graph (including axis and labels).
  • title - Graph title.
  • barColor - Color of the main bar.
  • fillColor - Color of the area behind the bar.
  • textColor - Color of axis, labels, title.
  • ticks - Number of ticks displayed on the axis. This value is *only* a suggestion. The most clean and human-readable values are used.
  • tickSubdivide - Number of subdivisions between major ticks.
  • displayLabels - Enables or disables displaying of numerical tick labels.
  • labelFormat - Format of labels. See the specification of this format: here (or here).

You do not have to pass all these options to model constructor. Default values will be used for missing properties. See current default values here.