Lab Framework Versions

Basic interactives.html and embeddable.html pages use production version of the Lab Framework.

However you can test your interactive against staging or development version of Lab Framework too.
There are additional interactives.html and embeddable.html pages:

All these pages can be customized by editing config/config.yml which contains following section:

    # :lab_root_url:
    #   :production:  //<ver>/lab
    #   :staging:     //<ver>/lab
    #   :development: //<branch>/lab
    #   :default:     //<branch>/lab
    #   :local:       //localhost:9191/lab

Typically you won’t have to change these paths, as the default configuration is good enough for most tasks. It may be useful to overwrite one of these paths e.g. when you want to deploy topic branch of Lab Interactives Site that uses topic branch of Lab Framework. See configuration section.

Working with local Lab Framework

interactives-local.html and embeddable-local.html assume that local Lab is available at //localhost:9191/lab.

You will have to clone and setup Lab repository, e.g.following its readme. Run Lab local server using 9191 port (default):

cd lab

Then run Lab Interactives Site local server:

cd lab-interactives-site

and finally open:


Now you can modify Lab Framework and Lab Interactives Site at the same time and immediately see changes without need to deploy Lab Framework to development server.